Chinese electric car startup raises $152 million in investment from Agile Group

WM Motor, a leading emerging player in China's electric vehicle market, announced that it has completed a Series D2 round of financing worth $152 million.
Dec 2, 7:27 am

What is the valuation of NetEase's Cloud Village?

Due to the recent pullback of Chinese stocks, NetEase's Cloud Village announced the Hong Kong initial public offering (IPO).
Startup story
Dec 1, 8:19 am

How China’s Shein topped the e-commerce industry?

The epidemic has accelerated the development trend of cross-border e-commerce, and now it is a development trend for Chinese brands to go overseas.
Startup story
Nov 30, 9:32 am

<Business Innovation Daily> Global tourism is expected to lose $2 trillion this year due to the epidemic

The UN World Tourism Organization says it expects the global tourism industry to lose $2 trillion in 2021 due to the epidemic.
Nov 30, 3:23 am

China suspends Tencent from updating its apps. What's wrong?

Since the beginning of the year, the major Internet giants are experiencing a tough time. In the anti-monopoly policy, Alibaba and Meituan have suffered large penalties, and recently another Internet giant Tencent also encountered such problems.
Nov 29, 8:53 am



<Business Innovation Daily> Beijing Stock Exchange opens today with the first batch of 81 companies listed

The Beijing Stock Exchange opened today, and 10 companies that have completed the public offering and other procedures will be listed directly on the Beijing Stock Exchange, making 81 companies the first to be listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange.

Nov 15, 6:25 am

Meituan faces second antitrust fine: what does this mean?

Recently, the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) issued an administrative penalty decision against Meituan with an amount of 3.4 billion yuan ($528 million),which orders Meituan to stop its illegal behavior and fully return 1.29 billion yuan to merchants on its platforms.

Oct 12, 9:27 am

How SEA tech giants solved the "cold start" problem

The Cold Start Problem – also known as the "chicken and egg" problem – describes a paradox found in two-sided business models. In this post, we'll look at how tech companies in SEA solved their cold start problem, successfully navigating the supply and demand paradox to become household names in the region.

Sep 27, 7:09 am




Chinese electric outboard motors startup ePropulsion has secured tens of millions of US dollars in its latest financing round, led by Lightspeed China Partners.

Nikkei Asian Review

Cloud Village, the top rival of Tencent Music Entertainment, is hoping that sales of gifts for livestreamers and other social entertainment services can help bring an end to years of losses.

China Daily

Chinese display panel supplier Visionox Technology Inc will continue to focus on cutting-edge active-matrix organic light-emitting diode, or AMOLED, technology, and launch medium-sized display products including tablets, laptops and vehicle-mounted screens, owing to surging demand for flexible displays.


China’s suspension of new video game licences has stretched into the final month of the year, clouding prospects for gaming giants Tencent Holdings and NetEase.


Huawei has obtained land-use rights in Southern China’s Dongguan City to construct a manufacturing plant for smart car components. The company is leaning deeper into the auto sector, in line with its series of attempts to turn around weak business performance due to US sanctions.