Chinese VC Funding Weekly Overview (6.14-6.18)

Jun 18, 5:55 am
There is the latest news about Chinese VC.

Matrix Partners China leads a $20 million Series A funding in Nutshell Therapeutics

Jun 17, 6:09 am
Nutshell Therapeutics, a small molecule drug developer, announced that it has closed a $20 million Series A round of financing led by Matrix Partners China, with follow-on investment from Source Code Capital and Kunlun Fund.

<Business Innovation Daily> Waymo announces $2.5 billion in funding to advance autonomous driving

Jun 17, 6:01 am
One Plus will become an independent operating brand under OPPO; Microsoft announces the appointment of CEO Nadella as the new chairman; Blackstone Group to buy SOHO China for $3 billion

Jeff Bezos will start his first trip to space, challenging Musk

Jun 16, 5:45 am
In the battle of billionaires with rocket companies, Jeff Bezos will finally beat Elon Musk. Mr. Bezos, the founder of Amazon, said that he would take a trip to space next month when Blue Origin, the rocket company he founded more than two decades ago, conducts its first human spaceflight.

<Business Innovation Daily> Blue Origin sells its last ticket for $28 million

Jun 15, 8:31 am
The first rocket company is going public, but it's not SpaceX; Shipments down 88%, Huawei says it will never give up on-chip development; ByteDance will release cloud computing services



P2P Sharing economy Model of Freight Logistics O2O Platform

The application of Didi's business model to the field of freight logistics, with truck drivers on one side and customers in demand on the other, seems to have great prospects.

Updated in March 28, 2019

Community group buying is about to break out? The Great Battle of Thousand Regiments Begins

Community group buying is a behavior of shopping and consumption in real residential communities. It relies on a regionalized, small-scale and localized form of group buying in real communities. Consumption stimulation has a significant effect on the marketing of shops which promotes the regional reputation and reputation of shops.

Updated in November 20, 2018

Unicorn Club, an unlisted company valued at more than $1 billion

Entry criteria: 1. Private equity investment without listing; 2. Enterprise valuation exceeded $1 billion (listed companies have been gradually excluded)

Updated in November 21, 2018

Start-ups that provide programming and IT education for teenagers

With the tide of the Internet, programming education should start with dolls. What start-ups are offering programming and IT education to teenagers?

Updated in November 21, 2018

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Yahoo News

On June 16, Spotify launched Spotify Greenroom in 135+ markets including India. Greenroom is touted to be a space where fans can interact with their favorite artists.


Huawei Technologies Co will not update its high-end Mate smartphone series this year as the company remains hobbled by US trade sanctions, marking the first time since the brand was introduced in 2013 that it will not get an annual refresh, according to local media.


Baidu’s autonomous driving unit, Apollo, is linking up with EV developer Arcfox to develop a fleet of robotaxis using the Apollo Moon autonomous vehicle, whose name invokes NASA’s lunar program. Apollo has been teasing the collaboration on its Weibo feed throughout the week, leading up to an announcement on June 17.


The first Chinese astronauts entered the country’s Tiangong space station on Thursday afternoon, hours after lifting off.


Chinese viral video platform Kuaishou Technology ranks as the most valuable company that listed in the past year, with a market capitalization of roughly USD 110 billion despite a 30% drop since its initial public offering, Nikkei research shows.



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