Chinese VC Funding Weekly Overview(1.11-1.15)

Jan 15, 9:13 am
There is the latest news about Chinese VC.

Chinese biotech firm Abbisko bags $123 million in Series D round

Jan 14, 8:24 am
Chinese biotech start-up Abbisko Therapeutics has received a $123 million Series D round funding led by Carlyle Group.

<Editor's Pick> There is more than one chain in Xiaomi ecology

Jan 13, 3:30 am
Compared with other cell phone manufacturers, Xiaomi obviously has more possibilities. In January, at the second Xiaomi IoT Developer Conference, Lei Jun proposed a dual-engine strategy of "smartphone + AIoT".

Big guns take aim at payment market

Jan 12, 8:47 am
Chinese video platform Bilibili is making efforts to expand its business into the Chinese payments market, which may launch its own online payment system in the near future.

<HoloBase Weekly> Trump gives a final blow to Chinese companies

Jan 12, 6:05 am
President Donald Trump has signed an executive order banning transactions with eight Chinese apps in an escalation of a trade war that has been unfolding through most of his term.



P2P Sharing economy Model of Freight Logistics O2O Platform

The application of Didi's business model to the field of freight logistics, with truck drivers on one side and customers in demand on the other, seems to have great prospects.

Updated in March 28, 2019

Community group buying is about to break out? The Great Battle of Thousand Regiments Begins

Community group buying is a behavior of shopping and consumption in real residential communities. It relies on a regionalized, small-scale and localized form of group buying in real communities. Consumption stimulation has a significant effect on the marketing of shops which promotes the regional reputation and reputation of shops.

Updated in November 20, 2018

Unicorn Club, an unlisted company valued at more than $1 billion

Entry criteria: 1. Private equity investment without listing; 2. Enterprise valuation exceeded $1 billion (listed companies have been gradually excluded)

Updated in November 21, 2018

Start-ups that provide programming and IT education for teenagers

With the tide of the Internet, programming education should start with dolls. What start-ups are offering programming and IT education to teenagers?

Updated in November 21, 2018

Financing Startups Data




Last week financing

Artificial Intelligence
Series C2
400 million USD
Artificial Intelligence
Series C
1800 million CNY
Artificial Intelligence
Corporate Service
Series C+
190.5 million USD
Series D+
110 million USD
Series B
Hundreds of millions CNY



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ByteDance’s question-and-answer site Wukong Wenda, which means “The Money King Question and Answer”, on Wednesday announced that it will stop to service the app and integrate its content into the news aggregator Jinri Toutiao. Wukong will be removed from app stores on January 20, and will cease to function on February 3.


DingTalk, the office collaboration tool developed by Alibaba, on Thursday announced that it passed 400 million users coming from more than 17 million institutions, like enterprises and schools, 36Kr reported.


Lotus, a British sports car brand majority owned by Chinese automaker Geely, has announced a partnership with Renault’s Alpine brand to co-develop an electric sports vehicle, a move that comes as Geely heavily invests in battery-powered car research and production.


Shanghai HIUV New Materials Co Ltd, a Chinese manufacturer of new film materials, is on track for an initial public offering (IPO) on the Nasdaq-style STAR Market of the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) to raise up to 1.469 billion yuan ($227.1 million).


The Trump administration on Thursday added nine Chinese firms to a blacklist of alleged Chinese military companies, including planemaker Comac and mobile phone maker Xiaomi, according to a document seen by Reuters.



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