Chinese biotech startup Bota Bio closes $100 million Series B financing

Jul 29, 8:28 am
Bota Biosciences (Bota Bio), an industrial synthetic biotechnology company, announced the completion of a Series B financing round of over $100 million. The deal was led by Sequoia Capital China and followed by China Merchants Capital.

<Edior's Pick> Drones and satellite networks after a rainstorm

Jul 28, 6:58 am
The torrential rain that began to fall in Henan on July 20 posed a great challenge to the urban infrastructure that people take for granted. Zhengzhou is not the only city to experience extreme rainstorms this year. Germany is also in the midst of network paralysis after heavy rains.

Banned Chinese app is making a comeback in Indian market

Jul 27, 8:18 am
More than a year after the Indian government imposed a ban on over 200 Chinese apps, popular China-based shopping platform Shein finds a way to make a comeback in Indian market.

Chinese government is cracking down on the country’s booming off-campus tutoring industry

Jul 26, 8:51 am
On July 23, some of the industry's biggest names, including New Oriental Education & Technology Group, TAL Education Group, Gaotu Techedu and Koolearn Technology Holding tumbled after the news that China is considering asking companies that offer tutoring on the school curriculum to go non-profit came out.

Chinese VC Funding Weekly Overview (7.19-7.23)

Jul 23, 6:41 am
There is the latest news about Chinese VC.



P2P Sharing economy Model of Freight Logistics O2O Platform

The application of Didi's business model to the field of freight logistics, with truck drivers on one side and customers in demand on the other, seems to have great prospects.

Updated in March 28, 2019

Community group buying is about to break out? The Great Battle of Thousand Regiments Begins

Community group buying is a behavior of shopping and consumption in real residential communities. It relies on a regionalized, small-scale and localized form of group buying in real communities. Consumption stimulation has a significant effect on the marketing of shops which promotes the regional reputation and reputation of shops.

Updated in November 20, 2018

Unicorn Club, an unlisted company valued at more than $1 billion

Entry criteria: 1. Private equity investment without listing; 2. Enterprise valuation exceeded $1 billion (listed companies have been gradually excluded)

Updated in November 21, 2018

Start-ups that provide programming and IT education for teenagers

With the tide of the Internet, programming education should start with dolls. What start-ups are offering programming and IT education to teenagers?

Updated in November 21, 2018

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Cloudtogo, a startup providing cloud computer and storage solutions to businesses, secured Series B financing from Alibaba Cloud.

Yahoo News

WM Tech Corp.’s planned initial public offering in Hong Kong is facing delays as the city’s bourse questions the supermarket owner on its business operations, people with knowledge of the matter said.


Smartphone shipments in mainland China declined 17 per cent in the quarter ended June, as the void left in the market by US-blacklisted telecommunications giant Huawei Technologies Co could not be filled by the country’s other big Android handset vendors.


Shentong Express’ stock price surged after the Chinese logistics firm announced a CNY3.5 billion (USD540.6 million) private placement plan.


Baidu’s third Apollo Park got up and running in Shanghai on Wednesday, injecting impetus into the tech giant’s ongoing efforts to achieve mass use of its autonomous vehicles.



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