<Business Innovation Daily> China has become the fourth largest investor in Africa

Nov 22, 2021

China has become the fourth largest investor in Africa, says the Ministry of Commerce of China

According to the Securities Times, Vice Minister of Commerce Qian Keming said that in terms of investment cooperation, Chinese enterprises have been investing more and more enthusiastically in Africa, and have set up more than 3,500 enterprises of various types in Africa, of which private enterprises account for more than 70%. The stock of Chinese direct investment in Africa is $43.4 billion, making it the fourth largest investor in Africa.


TikTok unblocked in Pakistan after being blocked four times in the last 15 months

Pakistan's media regulator has lifted the ban on TikTok again after a four-month hiatus. TikTok has previously given assurances that it will control the distribution of indecent content. This is the fourth time in the last 15 months that the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has imposed and lifted such a ban on TikTok.

In October 2020, Pakistan blocked TikTok for the first time after the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority received widespread complaints reporting "immoral, obscene and vulgar" content on the TikTok app. Over the years, Pakistan has also forwarded hundreds of content complaints to Facebook and Twitter, claiming that the content is offensive and potentially insulting to Islam and against Pakistani law.


Russia has decided to continue cooperation with the United States to explore Venus

Russia and the U.S. have agreed to jointly explore Venus, Roscosmos President Dmitry Rogozin said on 20th this Month. The news was revealed by Rogozin on the YouTube program "Соловьёв LIVE".

According to RIA Novosti, Russia plans to carry out the Venus-D mission in November 2029. The initial program was for Russian-U.S. cooperation, but Roscosmos had announced last year that Russia would carry out the mission independently and did not intend large-scale international cooperation. Russia is also planning two Venus exploration missions in June 2031 and June 2034 to study the atmosphere of Venus and possibly collect soil samples.

NASA announced in June this year that it plans to carry out two Venus exploration missions between 2028 and 2030. One of the missions is to collect information on the composition of Venus' atmosphere and to study whether oceans existed on the surface of Venus and whether it was once habitable. The other is to study the geological formation of Venus.


For violating China's Anti-Monopoly Law, Ali, Tencent, Baidu, and many other companies were fined

The State Administration of Market Supervision announced a number of punishment decisions on its official website on November 20, involving companies such as Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, and Suning. The General Administration of Market Supervision has opened an investigation into 43 cases of illegal implementation of operator concentration without legal declaration in accordance with the Anti-Monopoly Law of the People's Republic of China. After investigation, the above cases all constitute the implementation of illegal operator concentration without legal declaration, the assessment that does not have the effect of excluding and restricting competition. Recently, the State Administration of Market Supervision made an administrative penalty decision, imposing a fine of 500,000 yuan on the enterprises involved respectively.


Nike builds "NIKELAND" on Roblox

According to the Wall Street Journal on November 19, Nike became one of the first major brands to enter metaverse when it revealed a virtual world modeled after its headquarters on the Roblox video game platform on November 18. The virtual world is called "NIKELAND" and all players can dress up their digital image with Nike products for free. In October, Nike filed a trademark application to sell digital versions of other goods such as sneakers and apparel bearing its logo on a virtual platform and to prevent counterfeits from appearing in the game.