<Business Innovation Daily> Blue Origin's second manned space flight breaks the record for the oldest person in space

Oct 14, 2021

The United States has become the first country for bitcoin mining computing power for the first time: China's output has converged to zero

New research published by the University of Cambridge shows that for the first time, the United States has overtaken China as the world's number one destination for bitcoin mining, with over 1/3 (35.4%) of computing power resources. Compared to September of last year, the U.S. output of bitcoin computing power actually jumped by 428%.

In contrast, in July and August, bitcoin counting power exported by China fell to almost zero, compared to 67% last September. Apparently, bitcoin miners have become almost extinct in the country under the Chinese government's strict ban, and mining pools, miners, and mining farms have either been phased out since then or moved to places like the United States.


Amazon purchases used long-haul cargo planes to import goods directly from China

According to Phoenix Technology, Amazon is in the market for a refurbished cargo version of the twin-engine Boeing 777-300ER and a modified Airbus A330-300 wide-body airliner to expand cargo capacity. For Amazon, the refurbished Boeing 777 will enable it to import goods directly from China and other countries, strengthening the company's competition with FedEx and UPS. The refurbished cargo version of the Boeing 777 will enter service next year and carry 25% more cargo than Boeing's existing freighters.


Blue Origin's second manned space flight breaks the record for the oldest person in space

Bezos' space travel company Blue Origin launched the NS-18 spacecraft to send actor William Shatner, who played the role of Captain Kirk in the early days of Star Trek, and three others into space. This is also Blue Origin's second manned space mission. The mission was scheduled to launch this Monday but was postponed to today due to weather.

The New Shepard rocket successfully launched from Blue Origin Launch Site One tonight at 22:50 Beijing time, sending four members into space. The four members are William Shatner, Star Trek's "Captain Kirk"; Aubrey Powers, Vice President of Mission and Flight Operations for the New Shepard rocket; Chris Boshuizen, co-founder of Planetary Labs and currently a partner at venture capital firm DCVC; and Glen de Vries, co-founder of clinical trial software company Medidata Solutions.

Of these, Boshuizen and De Vries paid the fees, which are expected to exceed $250,000 each. And Shatner was invited by Bezos to participate. It is worth mentioning that Shatner is 90 years old this year and will be the oldest person to be sent into space so far.


Apple to make AirPods a health device: it can monitor body temperature and posture

After more than seven years of work, Apple has reportedly begun to extend some of the health monitoring features of the Apple Watch smartwatch to its AirPods wireless headphone products. Some of the latest public documents and sources disclosed that AirPods may support body temperature monitoring in the future, and there is already a "prototype product". It can also enhance hearing and help the hearing impaired.