<Editor's Pick> In the Web3.0 era, what kind of new data storage solutions can we imagine?

Oct 06, 2021

On September 23rd, 2021, New Generation Cloud Computing Conference was held in Beijing under the guidance of the China Open Source Cloud League(COSCL), and was organized by Distributed Think Tank and hosted by Hainan Anmai Cloud Network Technology Co. Focusing on the digital economy, the forum invited more than 30 experts and scholars to explore the technology and development trend for the decentralized cloud computing and ecological model around the core segments of computing, storage, and network.

MatrixStorage is a storage service platform built by Anmai Cloud based on the concept of decentralization. The product was officially released to the public on the day of the conference. MatrixStorage strives to be the leader of distributed storage in the Web3.0 era and will be committed to the construction of Web3.0 and the digital economy. At the same time, the product is dedicated to the healthy development of distributed storage networks and ecological landing in the long term.

During the meeting, Zhao Lei, the product director of Anmai Cloud MatrixStorage, introduced the product's background and technical advantages of the decentralized storage service platform "MatrixStorage" from various perspectives, such as the birth of the product, the current situation of the storage market, the development of decentralized storage technology, and the storage solution based on IPFS.


The two core capabilities of MatrixStorage

To enable more enterprises to understand and use IPFS-based storage services and truly enjoy the new decentralized storage solution with high security, high reliability, and extreme privacy, MatrixStorage is carrying out stable platform building around two core capabilities.

First, the ability to connect to the IPFS decentralized network makes it easier for users to connect to the decentralized network and significantly lowers the technical barriers.

The second is the management capability of IPFS decentralized storage service, including the management capability of data and objects, data access rights, user information, sub-accounts, orders, etc., as well as the comprehensive control capability of data audit and operation so that users can use the stable decentralized storage service without any worries.

Meanwhile, MatrixStorage provides a convenient and easy-to-use toolset, including storage APIs, middleware tools, SDKs, command-line tools, and also tools for migrating data from Web2.0 to Web3.0, as well as a more comprehensive storage console. For the storage needs of large data sets, MatrixStorage has also created an offline storage solution to provide a more cost-effective option for enterprises.

It is true that IPFS-based distributed storage network has not yet achieved full popularity. As a storage service platform focusing on the field of decentralized storage, MatrixStorage is playing an important role in breaking the technical barriers between the majority of consumers and IPFS based distributed storage through a simpler and more friendly application design with a solid technical background.


Different application scenarios for MatrixStorage

When it comes to application scenarios and business potential, Zhao Lei expressed confidence in the product's applicability in multiple industries and fields. At present, the main application scenarios of MatrixStorage are for justice, health, media, medical services, insurance, and other industries with extremely high security and privacy requirements for storage.

1. Permanent preservation of documentation

Long-term data storage requires legal compliance, including massive data resources such as archives, medical records, images, etc.

2. Decentralized disaster recovery backup

The efficient distributed storage strategy for permanent storage, easy expansion, and a significant reduction in off-site backup costs.

3. Industry cold data storage

The value of this part of data will increase with the passage of time. The product will mainly focus on judicial big data, media, medical services, insurance, and other industries in the early stage.


MatrixStorage's multi-domain eco-collaboration case

Zhao Lei clarified the ability of MatrixStorage to achieve unlimited potential in multi-domain ecological cooperation through three cooperation cases.

1. Media Cloud Services

ChinaMCloud is a PaaS platform for media cloud services. Thousands of media organizations are using their "Netscape" production cloud to upload videos and edit videos. MatrixStorage provides cold archival storage for them, and customers can easily and conveniently upload data to IPFS distributed network to achieve the role of disaster recovery.

2. Genetic Monitoring Data Storage

23mofang, the leading consumer genetic test company in China, uses the storage toolset provided by MatrixStorage. Unlike the centralized server storage solution, users can save data to the IPFS decentralized network through the toolset and access it through private keys to ensure safe, secure, leak-free, and long-lasting data storage. This data can be extracted for further analysis as long as the business needs it and at any time in the long run.

3. Electronic Evidence Storage

Zhongjing Tianping, an enterprise in which China National Information Center participates, has been approved by the Ministry of Justice to establish a judicial testing center for electronic evidence. The data will be solidified on the blockchain when it is saved by utilizing MatrixStorage, which can ensure its stability and efficiency and can well support the functions of judicial retracing and forensics.

Finally, Zhao Lei announced the official launch of MatrixStorage to the public. He delivered a sincere outlook on the product becoming a bridge between Web2.0 and Web3.0 in the future. MatrixStorage hopes to help more enterprises and individual users to truly enjoy the advantages and benefits of a decentralized network, to become the Web3.0 era distributed storage leader as the goal, hand in hand with the industry upstream and downstream, to build ecological prosperity!