Why did Amazon fail in the Chinese market in 2019?

Sep 06, 2021


On April 17, 2019, Amazon announced its main business would exit from Chinese market, but Kindle e-book and cross-border business will be retained. Amazon confirmed that they would stop providing seller service for the third-party sellers on the Amazon China website on July 18, 2019.

This means Chinese consumers will not be able to purchase third-party sellers' products on the Amazon platform in the future, but they can still buy the products from the US, UK, Denmark, Japan, and other places through Amazon's overseas shopping platform.

Later, Amazon denied that the media called it "exit from China market". Amazon China announced officially: Amazon will focus on cross-border online shopping, further deepen strategic transformation, make full use of Amazon's global resources, optimize operational efficiency, and focus resources to promote the rapid development of overseas shopping business.