<Editor's Pick> Looking over Lei Jun's nearly 10 years of speeches and interviews, here is his lesson learned as an entrepreneur

Jun 09, 2021

In 1987, at the age of 18, Lei Jun unintentionally saw a book called "Fire in the Valley" in the library of Wuhan University. The main chapter of which tells the entrepreneurial journey of Steve Jobs. After reading it, Lei Jun walked along the 400-meter track of the playground of the university, walking round and round. He was excited and at the same time pondering whether he could run a world-class company and shape his life differently, just like Steve Jobs. 

After 30 years in the business, Lei Jun already has two listed companies in hand. In 2020, Xiaomi not only achieved a revenue of 245.9 billion yuan. Its smartphone business also returned to the top three in the world. Although such achievements have been made, Lei Jun's entrepreneurial journey continues.

Not long ago, the news that Xiaomi was going to build a car spread all over the industry. Lei Jun announced that this is the last startup of his life, willing to press all the reputation, for Xiaomi car!

All successes are not accidental. We have gone through Lei Jun's public speeches and interviews in the past ten years to compile his experiences and thoughts on talent management, entrepreneurship, business operation, product philosophy, founding Xiaomi, and personal growth.