<Editor's Pick> There is more than one chain in Xiaomi ecology

Jan 13, 2021 Xiaomi

The 3rd Xiaomi IoT Developer Conference kicked off in Beijing early in November 2019. Accompanied by the iconic caller tone of Xiaomi phone, Lei Jun strides out. This is the second day after the listing of Kingsoft Office, the third public company under Leijun's effective control.

“The total cell phone market in China has been shrinking since the previous year, with huge declines last year and this year.” In the opening, Lei Jun threw out troubles brought about by the environment. The incremental market is getting narrower and narrower.  Cell phone manufacturers rely on the replacement of new machines to survive. In the cell phone industry, which is gradually saturated, when the screen and camera upgrades have failed to cause consumers' desire to purchase, the arrival of 5G brings some hope for the manufacturers.

“Xiaomi will release at least 10 5G phones next year.” After first mentioning it at the World Internet Conference in Wuzhen in October, Lei Jun made another announcement to the world this time.

Compared with other cell phone manufacturers, Xiaomi obviously has more possibilities. In January, at the second Xiaomi IoT Developer Conference, Lei Jun proposed a dual-engine strategy of "smartphone + AIoT". As Xiaomi's core strategy for the next five years, Lei Jun said the company will continue to invest 10 billion yuan in the AIoT field.