Chinese video-sharing giants rush into the payment field

ByteDance has applied for the registration of the "Doupay" trademark, which is classified under the international classification of scientific instruments and website services, and the trademark status is "trademark application pending", according to Cailian Press (WeChat ID: cailianpress), a Chinese online business media start-up.

In September, ByteDance gained an online payment license by acquiring a Wuhan-based company, coupled with four financial licenses already in hand, its intention in the payment and financial business are obvious.

With the boom in the e-commerce and live streaming field, the giants are seeking their own closed-loop e-commerce through the integration of e-commerce, payment, commodities and other aspects. Among them, the payment has become an indispensable demand. Analysts all believe that in addition to the compliance considerations of carrying out payment business, Internet giants are increasingly pursuing the comprehensive capability output of "payment + technology".