Pinduoduo: the startup with incredible rise needs to slow down

Oct 13, 2020 PinDuoDuo

Pinduoduo, which has been in dispute since its birth, will celebrate its fifth anniversary in 2020.

However, there is no internal celebration, no special ceremony, except for Colin Huang's internal speech and CEO Chen Lei's open letter to the partners. What the outside world sees is more marketing messages such as "Pinduoduo's 5th anniversary crazy red envelope rainn", "ten billion plus subsidies". It seems that consumers celebrate this day for Pinduoduo.

Looking back on the growth process of Chinese Internet companies, the 5th anniversary is a memorable day for any Internet company. For example:

• In 2003, Tencent celebrated its fifth anniversary. At that time, the number of its registered QQ users had just exceeded 200 million, and since then, the popular QQ game in the social field has just been launched. In the same year, Tencent launched Tencent RTX (Real Time eXchange), Tencent TM and other instant messaging software to explore the boundaries of social networking.