<Editor's Pick>What is new about Alibaba's new manufacturing plant that has been "hidden" for three years?

Sep 23, 2020 Alibaba Group

Inside the white workshop, industrial robotic arms move back and forth to place the selected fabric in the grooves. Above the factory, a conveyor belt carries a selection of unfinished garments to the garment workers at work. On the other side, indigo jeans are instantly laser-burned with various fashionable "wash" marks, and cotton T-shirts on the same assembly line turntable can each be printed with a different pattern and text. Inside the warehouse, logistics robots steadily move one-person high goods in and out of the warehouse.

The machine is more tired than people, and the screens are more than people, this is a scene in the Rhino Smart Manufacturing factory in Hangzhou. Ready-to-wear jeans, T-shirts, and other garments from the factory appear in Tmall's merchant stores within a day.

Four years ago, Jack Ma first proposed the concept of "new manufacturing" at the Cloud Computing Conference. It is not just manufacturing + IoT, but a deep reconfiguration of the traditional manufacturing industry through digital technology to achieve intelligence, personalization, and customization of the manufacturing industry.

The textile and apparel industry, with market size of $3 trillion, was chosen. The first new manufacturing plant broke ground in Linping in the spring of 2018 and was kept strictly secret from both inside and outside Alibaba. The entire project was named Rhino Smart ManufacturingJust like its rhino mascot, it is responsible for grounding the concept of "new manufacturing" that floats in the air.