Xpeng upsizes IPO to challenge Tesla in China

Aug 31, 2020 Xpeng

With Nio and and Li Auto having joined the wave of US IPOs, Xpeng also raised $1.5 billion in an initial public offering on August 27th, becoming the third Chinese  electric-car maker in the US IPOs. 

All along, Xpeng is a good case in China's real Internet car manufacturing. He Xiaopeng, the founder and chairman of Xpeng, is a man with rich experience in the Internet field. 

Such a unique background also shaped the growth path of Xpeng. From the early Beta prototype to the engineering production car (version 1.0), to the G3 model, Xpeng has become the only one company among the new car makers that develops two platforms at the same time, and based on them, has developed two models including of SUV and sedan. 

Xpeng must be the new car-making force with the strongest iteration, or the fastest growth. At the beginning, it seems that there are always some "gaps" in Xpeng's feeling towards its products, which are not so deadly, but along the way, it becomes more and more precise and stronge".