With the launch of "all in education", will GoGoKid usher a second boom?

Aug 04, 2020 VIPKID

ByteDance has a new move in the education field. Recently, Chen Lin, senior vice president and head of education business of ByteDance, conducted a full sharing entitled "Zero To One". On the occasion of the first anniversary of ByteDance's entry into the education industry, Chen Lin talked about his thoughts and outlook on this move.

In this speech, Chen Lin repeatedly mentioned its children's English education product GoGoKid, which has aroused curiosity among industry insiders. There were some rumors that GoGoKid had faced layoffs, and this time Chen Lin focused on responding to the doubts, as well as being positive about GoGoKid's future value and prospects, saying that it will invest more in the future.

This move seems to release a signal to the outside world, as the first self-developed product of ByteDance's education business, GoGoKid is still pinned on high expectations.