Blockchain infrastructure provider HashQuark closes Series A equity funding

Jul 31, 2020

HashQuark, Asia-based leading blockchain infrastructure service provider, has announced that it has closed its Series A equity funding round. The round was led by Qiming Venture Partners, one of China's leading venture capital firms, with other investors including Fenbushi Capital, HashKey Capital, Hash Global, imToken Ventures, and SNZ. It is also reported that HashQuark is one of the few companies in the staking service ecosystem that has received favorable treatment from traditional top-tier venture capital firms.

Since the end of 2018, HashQuark has began to layout and develop its blockchain infrastructure business to create value while safeguarding the security of proof-of-stake-backed blockchains through node operation and other means.  Relying on its rich industry resources and professional technical team, HashQuark has become one of the largest blockchain infrastructure service providers in the world.

With a globally deployed infrastructure and the staking service network always online, HashQuark offers stable, secure, and convenient enterprise-grade staking services, and now runs nodes for over 30 Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains. According to, a highly credible global PoS rating agency, HashQuark consistently ranks among the world's top three in terms of the number of projects served, product functions, business layout, product safety, and comprehensive capabilities.

Meantime, HashQuark has pioneered the concept of "Staking + Eco-Service Provider", which aims to provide high-quality PoS-backed blockchain projects with industry resources and ecological value in addition to technology.