ByteDance to steer into Internet of Vehicles domain

Jul 10, 2020 Tencent HUAWEI Tik Tok

Whether it's an in-vehicle operating system or not, ByteDance needs to find its own place in the IoV (Internet of Vehicles) as soon as possible.

Previously, ByteDance announced its entry into the IoV field, and some insiders said that ByteDance may have the intention of entering the in-vehicle operating system, and that a car operating system with a feature of functional safety would be one of its considerations.

If having a strong social product can provide ByteDance with a "traffic perpetual motion machine" on the mobile internet, then it will be a good idea to have a strong social product. With its existing products it already has such as Douyin and Xigua Video, it can establish a deeper vertical relationship with the car companies.

So, having an in-vehicle operating system that is safe, stable, fast-responsive, ecologically rich, and a good human-computer interaction experience is a carrier of related cars that ByteDance has found for content and AI algorithms in the era of smart cars.