<Editor's Pick> Attention self-driving industry, here comes Didi robotaxi.

Jul 01, 2020 DiDi

There has been news released about self-driving cars, but people have rarely seen its true colors. People didn't expect its big move - the Didi self-driving car is open to the public for test rides.

Self-driving has also been densely popping up for some time now, and if you sum it up, it can be roughly divided into four factions: car companies, technology companies (or the self-driving business section of large companies), and online ride-hailing platforms. The mapping software has some degree of aggregation, but there is no actual online ride-hailing business.

Self-driving is an extremely cash-burning business, and a large portion of foreign self-driving startups are unsustainable due to lack of funding. As a result, China's self-driving ecosystem also has cooperation to overcome shortcomings, such as Baidu and Hongqi's cooperation in the mass production of L4-class self-driving vehicles, to mutually promote the formation of the automated driving ecosystem.

In fact, a simple analysis of all these factions would show the differences in their ways of dealing with self-driving cars. Of the three main factions, the one most closely tied to the actual business is the online ride-hailing platform, namely Didi. The development of Robotaxi (self-driving taxi) shows us the determination of Didi, and the logic behind this matter, which is closely tied to Didi's business.