<Editor's Pick>Will "contactless economy" cool down after the pandemic?

Jun 24, 2020 Alibaba Group

Due to the need for prevention and control of the epidemic, direct contact between people was once regarded as a dreadful monster, but the trading needs of the market still exist, so how to complete daily routines for offline businesses such as catering and retail through the "unmanned" method´╝čTherefore, "contactless economy" was born.

Back in 2017, the unmanned convenience stores, unmanned shelves, and other fields were classified under the "contactless economy" and were popular for a while.

In the view of some practitioners, this epidemic may be a turning point: a major public health event for the external market environment and the psychology of end-user consumption is bound to have some impact. But is the impact of the epidemic alone enough to change the fundamentals of the "contactless economy" in the offline commercial market?