How does Chinese e-commerce platform Yunji to break through its development limitations

The outbreak at the beginning of the year made the global economy shrouded in a long "winter". In the first quarter, the vast majority of companies experienced varying degrees of decline in performance, and many companies even turned profits into losses.

Yunji, a Chinese membership-based boutique e-commerce company announced that it has released its first quarter 2020 financial results before the market opens on Wednesday, June 3, 2020. Judging from the financial report, although Yunji's revenue has been affected somewhat, the number of GMV and trading members is still steadily increasing, and continued the profitability of the previous quarter.

Under the surprise attack, it is not easy to hand over such a transcript. Nowadays, although the epidemic prevention and control situation has improved, the downward pressure on the economy and the fierce competition in the e-commerce industry make the future of Yunji still full of challenges. After the first quarter, how will it make money in the context of the "post-epidemic era"?

Q1 financial report keywords: GMV, gross profit margin, profitability