China's largest online-to-offline (O2O) smart retailer advances in the attack of Alibaba, and Pinduoduo

Apr 30, 2020 PinDuoDuo JD.COM has been established for 30 years, earlier than Alibaba and Pinduoduo in the e-commerce field. However, in the fierce market competition, it wants to be younger.

In 1990, opened its first air-conditioned franchise store on Nanjing Ninghai Road. went public in 2004, when the company name was also called "Suning Appliance". In 2013, issued an announcement saying that based on the business form of online and offline multi-channel integration, full-category operation, and open platform services, the company name was changed to "Suning Yunshang". In 2018, "Suning Yunshang" was changed to "".

As an old player in the home appliance retail market, still holds a considerable market share. According to the "China Household Appliances Market Report 2019" released by the China Electronics Information Industry Development Research Institute, has a channel share of 18.09% in the China's household appliance market, ranking second.

Source: "2019 China Household Appliances Market Report"