Chinese entertainment giant Bilibili receives another $400m strategic investment from Sony after Alibaba and Tencent's investment

Apr 13, 2020 bilibili

On April 9, Sony is to pay $400 million to secure a 4.98% stake in Chinese entertainment giant Bilibili. The all cash transaction is to be conducted through Sony Corporation of America (SCA). After the completion, the major shareholders of Bilibili includes Chinese Internet giants Alibaba and Tencent, as well as consumer electronics and international entertainment giant Sony. With the investment of multiple parties, does the opportunity of Bilibili come?

Further collaborate on anime and mobile games

After announcing the cooperation, Sony stated that the reason why it invested in Bilibili is that it is optimistic about the entertainment business and attaches importance to the Chinese market. For the further development of the business, the cooperation between the two parties will focus on film, television, games, music and animation.

In fact, this is not the first time the two parties have cooperated. As early as 2014, Bilibili had started a number of cooperation with Sony's wholly-owned subsidiary Aniplex in the procurement of animation copyrights. In 2016, Bilibili became the exclusive Chinese agent of Aniplex's mobile game, Fate / Grand Order, which generated half of Bilibili's revenue in 2017.