<Editor's Pick>Tencent has not stopped its investment in the past two weeks despite the complex and uncertain market conditions

Apr 08, 2020 PinDuoDuo JD.COM Huya douyu

来源 / 投资界(ID:pedaily2012)

作者 / 李拜天

According to the documents submitted by Tencent and Pinduoduo to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Tencent has just invested $ 50 million to continue to increase its holdings of Pinduoduo. And together with its other long-term investors, they are expected to increase their purchases of $1.1 billion worth of new shares. 

Until now, Tencent holds a total of 29.2% of Class A common shares in Pinduoduo and is still the second largest shareholder. However, the current "unprecedented" fraud scandal of Luckin Coffee has cast a shadow on the Chinese stock market, and everyone began to worry about the situation of Pinduoduo.