< Editor's Pick>Tencent reports $13.5 billion net income for 2019, showing a diversified development of major business

Mar 24, 2020 WeChat toutiao

来源 / 新京报 
记者 / 白金蕾 
编辑 / 赵泽

Pony Ma said "it may take some time for media advertising revenue to recover, but its revenue only accounts for less than 20% of the overall advertising revenue, which has little impact on overall advertising revenue."

On March 18th, Tencent's financial report was released. Last year, Tencent's revenue reached 377.889 billion yuan, up 21% year on year. Its net profit was 93.310 billion yuan, up 19% year on year. That is to say, Tencent has an average daily income of 290 million yuan and a net profit of 59.13 million yuan in 2019.

In this financial report, the impact of Tencent's "930" structural adjustment has been further highlighted, and its main business is presented in four sections. In the past, the single "cash flow" mode of value-added business was replaced by the "dual engine" mode - fintech and corporate services. After adding a fourth advertisement in the Moments, the social advertising business also begins to exert its strength. The four major businesses present a diversified development.