With the launch of Huawei’s all-scenario IoT, the mobile phone industry ushers an upgrading competition

Mar 02, 2020 HUAWEI Xiaomi

The performance of the mobile phone market in China is not optimistic in 2019. According to data released by market research agency Canalys, in 2019, Chinese smartphone sales were 369 million, a year-on-year decline of 7%, and experienced an 11th consecutive quarter of decline. The epidemic is making matters worse. IDC predicts that if the situation improves at the end of February, the Chinese mobile phone market will decline by about 34% in the first quarter.
It can be said that the mobile phone industry has entered a relatively calm period after the blowout of the previous years. Coupled with the disappearance of the demographic dividend in the smart phone market, the first half of the previous competition that only focused on configuration and marketing has completely ended. In the current mobile phone market, it has become impossible to achieve high-speed growth by advertising.

This also means that the second half of the mobile phone industry is quietly opening.

In the face of this radical change, how to find the winning magic weapon that entered the second half has become a top priority for many mobile phone manufacturers. Although the mobile phone market in 2020 has a long way to go, the mobile phone manufacturers bear more responsibilities than usual at this time.

Mobile giants have already taken actions. On February 13, Xiaomi held an online press conference of Xiaomi Mi 10, and once again announced to enter the high-end market. On February 24, Honor launched the press conference overseas, and at the same time, it also launched a series of smart all-scenario products to the world based on the "1 + 8 + N" full-scenario IoT strategy.
In fact, the high-end competition is an old story, and Honor has done well on this track. According to third-party data, Huawei and Honor are the only two brands to achieve year-on-year growth in 2019 compared with January to November 2018 in the price of 3000-4000 yuan flagship model, which is a symbol brand in the Chinese market.