From Xiaomi to Huawei, will online press conference become a trend for smartphone companies?

Feb 24, 2020 Xiaomi HUAWEI vivo

Each February and March is a big day for intelligent hardware manufacturers, and various exhibitions and new product launches are in full swing. This year is a special case. Due to the impact of the epidemic, MWC was canceled, and the offline press conference could not be carried out. Manufacturers could only open up another channel to go online.

After Xiaomi, which has successfully held an online conference, many brands have also stood out and announced that they would soon hold an online conference, such as Huawei, Honor, Realme, IQOO, Samsung, Sony, Black Shark, Red Magic, etc. 

However, is the choice in this special period "imperative" or "urgent"?

From Xiaomi to Huawei, the "Cloud release" of mobile phones has gradually become the trend