The second-hand car company Uxin will usher a value reconstruction because of its business changes

At present, the competition of the second-hand car industry has shifted from an early capital-driven marketing war to a business and efficiency-driven moat war. In a large number of the used car e-commerce, Uxin not only has the efficiency optimization of the Internet, but also has the advantages of resources and infrastructure of traditional industries.

With the maturity of the national purchasing business model and the improvement of operational efficiency in China, Uxin will realize a value reconstruction brought by business changes.

The value of used car e-commerce is being re-evaluated. "Fortunately, it has not been biased by Internet thinking." Recently, when a second-hand car finance company under the heavy line was reported to the news of IPO in the United States, some people commented so.
From various companies fighting to the current three or two leading, from the original noisy marketing battle to the transformation and upgrading, the used car e-commerce industry was originally expected by the Internet and capital. Finally, it faces many problems that other Internet transformation industries do not have, such as heavy industrial chains, and trivial offline markets.
The whole industry seems to be hissing, and it has become one of the industries that have attracted outside attention in the cold winter of capital. Uxin, which has attracted much attention for a long time, is experiencing a round of re-examination from the capital market and investors. First, it was GIC, the C-round investor of Guazi that boosted its stake on Uxin, then it was the acquisition news denied by Uxin and In this positive and negative relationship, does Uxin have any value? How much space is there for used car e-commerce?

1. Re-examining used car e-commerce
The recent used car market is a bit tough, especially at the capital market level.
In the early morning of October 26, Beijing time, GIC boosted its stake on Uxin. According to the announcement, GIC (Singapore government investment company) holds 42.0361 million shares of Uxin, accounting for 5.01% of Uxin’s total shares. Another important identity of GIC is the investor of Guazi.