Vipshop competes with Alibaba and for the giant position

Vipshop has been left behind for a long time! But now, it's going back!

The sleeping lion is about to wake up
Recently, the Guangzhou Daily Data and Digital Research Institute released the "Top 200 E-commerce Brands (2019)" list: Taobao,, Pinduoduo, Vipshop, and Suning Tesco.

Among them, Vipshop ranked fourth with a high score of 97.52, only 0.23 points away from the e-commerce dark horse Pinduoduo.

At present, Vipshop is still far from the three e-commerce giants of Alibaba, and Pinduoduo. But luckily, combined with the situation in the past six months, its performance is not bad, which has changed the poor situation in the past.
In terms of revenue and user growth: Vipshop's revenue began to rise and fall in Q2, and returned to double-digits in Q3, with a substantial increase in net profit of 282.7%.