With the launch of "Future Hotel" owned by Alibaba Group's Fliggy, OYO ushered a strong opponent

Feb 07, 2020 oyo Qunar.com

On December 17, Alibaba Group's Fliggy released "Future Hotel", which uses the advantages of Alibaba economy to cut into the independent hotel market in the form of alliance sharing members.

Earlier, Future Hotel had been running for three months. More than 15,000 hotels have been signed, with over 600,000 hotel rooms covering over 300 cities.

The online tourism market has over 20-year experience. When the commercial battlefield is constantly telling the sinking stories, the giants have already paid attention to those little-known small hotels outside the 5th ring.

In fact, those hotels that we already know, such as 7 Days Inn, Home Inns Group, is the 1.0 version of the transformation of independent hotels. With the deepening of the Internet, independent hotels are ushering more changes.