WeChat tests pay-to-read function for official accounts, is it WeChat’s new era of money-making

This is an article from WeChat official accounts Ciweigongshe (ID:ciweigongshe), written by Yu Jing, translated by Chris Yuan.

Recently, WeChat has a big move. On January 15, WeChat officially announced that it is testing a new feature which allows publishers on the social media app to add paywalls to their posts. And the publishers that meets the opening conditions will have the chance to be in the gray scale test.

It is reported that the application conditions of this function mainly include three aspects: the official accounts has been registered for more than 3 months; no serious violation records have been recorded in the past 3 months; at least 3 original articles have been published. However, the first grayscale tests groups were mainly individuals accounts.

The official accounts Sanbiao ( ID: sanbiao1984) is one of the lucky ones selected to be in the gray scale test.