<Editor's Pick> With the rising of unmanned retails, the growth buzz for Luckin Coffee is just beginning

Luckin Coffee closed at $44.37 on January 9, 2016, Eastern time, up 161% from the $17 issue price when it was listed eight months ago. Its market value broke through $10 billion for the first time, which is equivalent to 1 / 5 Baidu, 1 / 4 Pinduoduo, 1 Vipshop and 20 Sohu.

Since October 2017, Luckin Coffee's first store opened in Galaxy Soho, its lightning expansion strategy has been controversial all the way. Just this week, Luckin Coffee's CEO Qian Zhiya sent out two key messages: Luckin Coffee announced that it had 4507 direct stores, becoming the largest coffee chain brand in China; meanwhile, Luckin Coffee launched the unmanned self-service coffee machines "Luckin Coffee EXPRESS" and the unmanned vending machine "Luckin Pop Mini".

The former is the report card of the existing business, while the latter is a new development path of the second curve. After the strategy was released, its market value exceeded 10 billion, which undoubtedly means the recognition of the capital market. But unmanned retails is not a new chance, and there are a lot of people with broken halberds defeat. How can Luckin Coffee fortunately survive in this fierce competition? Is Luckin Coffee's layout a short-term stimulation of stock price or a long-term support of market value and value? It still needs careful analysis and time test.

What's the difference in Luckin Coffee's unmanned retail ?