Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo – with the market expanding massively, the leading players compete in Southeast Asia

Jan 10, 2020 Xiaomi HUAWEI OPPO vivo

Wu Qiang, the global sales president of Oppo, who was sitting in the interview seat, looked tired. In the past two weeks, he has traveled to Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Shenzhen, and arrived in Hangzhou before the Reno 3 Conference on December 26. After the group visit at the conference that day, he had to fly to the next city.

Even if he has been engaged this business for many years, he still needs to face many changes in the global mobile phone market.

In 2019, after Huawei encountered economic "black swans" overseas, its business shrank across the board. Oppo, together with its sub-brand Realme, took advantage of the trend and made progress in Southeast Asia and India, meanwhile, it seized the opportunity in European market through 5G mobile phone. Xiaomi's unexpected success in Europe has further expanded its overseas market share after occupying India. However, Vivo's online channel development still stays at home, and the foreign market still lags behind other competitors. The offline channel has grown in India, but the overall pace of progress is slightly frustrated.

Next, how to layout in 5G era? How to build IOT concept and ecology? How to balance the entry of high-end brand and its market share? These problems will dog Wu Qiang and his opponents.