Pinduoduo's 2019: Pinduoduo's market value has surpassed Baidu and with a share price growth of 70%, which is upgrading the sinking market strategy

Dec 27, 2019 PinDuoDuo vipshop

Pinduoduo is undoubtedly the most buzzworthy and controversial internet enterprise in recent years.

On the one hand, it has successfully landed on the U.S. market in just three years since its establishment. And it created a miracle in the e-commerce industry, which makes people astonished to its growth rate. On the other hand, the cognitive evaluation of Pinduoduo has been divided, with a mixed reputation. Some people benefited from its low price, which improve their lives, while some people questioned its quality, which is full of fake goods.

However, it is affirmed that Pinduoduo is one of the few successful emerging Internet companies in recent years.

Looking back to 2019, Pinduoduo is still a representative enterprise in the Internet industry.