Under the impact of free business model, where is the future of Keep, the popular fitness tracking app in China

Dec 19, 2019 PinDuoDuo Keep

"Deep Throat", is the person who provides important information for journalists in Watergate scandal. For half a century, the real identity of "Deep Throat" has been the biggest secret of American politics and press.

An anonymous article titled "The dilemma and end of Keep" has blasted the tech Internet in the past 48 hours. Many of my friends sent this article to me, because it tells the confused part of the article, which quoted my product data and product views in the article "Keep doesn't know how to restrain".

In the eyes of peers, this is an article to discuss follow-up questions of Keep. And people are more curious about: who is the author of the article? Is there such a dense amount of information from the staff in Keep?

A CEO who has been in the fitness and health industry for many years has raised a question: With many experts, why are Keep’s products still so bad? It is necessary to talk about the information sources of the bosses. Usually, the information sources of the bosses are reported by the executives out of various considerations and screening: many ideas at the grassroots level, in reality, may not have a chance to reach the real decision makers.