Communities lost their ways: How to realize the commercialization of content community is the problem which Xiaohongshu (Little red book), Hupu, Zhihu is facing

How to solve the difficult problem of commercialization is a collective dilemma for content community. 

The content community represented by Chinese e-commerce platform Xiaohongshu ( Little red book ), Chinese sports platform Hupu and China's largest Q&A platform Zhihu often falls into a dilemma of maintaining community ecology, atmosphere and commercial monetization.

Xiaohongshu, who is good at recommendation, is determined to enter the field of e-commerce live video streaming. It seems that social influencer marketing has become the road it must follows for Xiaohongshu's growth. Zhihu has repeatedly wavered between focusing on knowledge payment and looking for users in the sinking market. Hupu, who has repeatedly heard the news of listing, still hasn't gotten along all right in the "straight man economy". The sports attribute of the forum is weakened, which can only rely on the incubation new platform to realize more commercialization.

They are all in a dilemma in the choice of monetization mode, content choice or business ecology. This is the natural barrier of content community. How to reconcile the contradictions caused by commercialization, those platforms all have encountered many challenges.