According to the third quarter financial report, the Chinese delivery giant SF Express reaches a plateau

Dec 12, 2019 vipshop

Recently, SF Express posted a glittering buff, which attracted people's attention.

The remarkable third quarter financial report, active layout of sinking market, independent city business, acquisition of Vipshop's Pinjun Express…A series of news with positive and negative comments makes people dazzled, but there is more doubt. In 2018, SF Express was still in the mire of problems such as declining net profit, plummeting stock price, frequent cash arbitrage by shareholders, and weak market growth. It has been a tough situation. How can the situation be different in 2019?

Actually, as long as you carefully analyze it, all the news is corroborating the fact that SF Express is falling into its own bottleneck period in 2019. And it becomes more and more anxious, which is not going well.

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