Xiaomi's total revenue reached 53.66 billion yuan, why its share price is still at a low price?

Dec 02, 2019 Xiaomi Lenovo


▪ Xiaomi's profitability is relatively stable, with multiple benefits such as joining the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, share buyback, and earnings exceeding expectations. But why is the stock price still in a depressed state?

▪ The comprehensive gross profit margin of Xiaomi Q3 is 15.3%, the highest level in the past two years. The evaluation of Xiaomi in the capital market may be a step forward.

Although Xiaomi has also experienced changes in organizational structure before, this adjustment is somewhat unexpected: Lin Bin is the vice chairman, Zhou Shouzi and Lu Weibing are the president of international department and President of China respectively. Li Wanqiang, the co-founder of Xiaomi, left, Qi Yan, the senior vice president, retired, and the two continued to serve as senior advisors.