RMB 268.4 billion - a look at Alibaba’s “Double 11” shopping spree

Nov 18, 2019 PinDuoDuo ANT FINANCIAL

Behind the carnival and sprint, what's more important is fully preparation.

On the evening of November 10, Taylor Swift, an American singer, came with her new song on the stage at the Mercedes Benz cultural center in Shanghai. The fluorescent wand in the audience's hands created a wonderful wave - this is not Taylor's concert, but the evening party of Tmall global's Double 11 carnival night. At the same time, artists such as G.E.M., Chenyu Hua, kana Hanazawa, Ronghao Li, Jackson Yee and so on also successively appeared on the stage.

This is just one of the venues for this event. And there are several venues for the Double 11 carnival. With the evening parties holding from all over the world, the Double 11 global carnival will be officially opened. 

In the Alibaba Xixi Park, it is illuminated by various lights which is like Lantern Festival. The employees in the Double 11 red T-shirt took photos in front of the Tmall sculpture, which looks leisurely, but still reminds people that this Sunday night is overtime night. In the workspace, a dozen of the apple laptops were put in a cabinet, just in case someone strikes their own computers.