The increase in sales of VIVO and OPPO is threatening the dominance of Xiaomi in the Indian smartphone market

Nov 15, 2019 Xiaomi vivo OPPO One Plus

The Chinese market share of Ov and Xiaomi has continued to decline. And the world's second-largest smart phone market, India, may be a lifeline. Who can seize the opportunity?

400 billion is a new milestone for BBK Group in India.

According to the latest documents submitted by Oppo and Vivo, total sales of the two brands in India reached 387.26 billion rupees (RMB 38 billion) in the fiscal year to March 2019. And the growth rate is 67%.

Driven by the two brands, BBK, whose parent company, reached a new high in India.  Its revenues exceeded 400 billion rupees (about RMB 40 billion) in one fell swoop.