<Editor's Pick>After VIPKID received $150 million from Tencent, how is the online education market now?

On October 8, VIPKID confirmed that Tencent led its E round of financing, and the financing scale has not been disclosed. According to previous Dow Jones reports, Tencent will invest $150 million, then the latest valuation of VIPKID will reach $4.5 billion.

It is reported that from the middle of 2018, VIPKID is seeking a new round of financing. In April, VIPKID has already obtained the initial investment intention of Tencent, and Tencent will help VIPKID raise a total of $500 million in financing. In August, Reuters reported that Tencent suspended its plan to invest $150 million in VIPKID.

Finally, a new round of financing was finalized. According to VIPKID, after obtaining financing, it will continue to increase investment in quality content, talents and technology, improve the company's operational efficiency and organizational capabilities, and provide better education products and services for students and parents. As a unicorn for the online children's English track, the determination of financing can have some positive effects in the field of online education.

Since its inception in 2013, VIPKID has completed seven rounds of financing at a steady annual rate. The fluctuation of the new round of financing may also convey a signal: in the second half of online education, companies without capital tides should return to the essence of education, relying on their own ability to make it different in the competition among many players.