China's largest animation game show ChinaJoy is becoming a pan-entertainment platform

As the largest animation game show in Asia, ChinaJoy (hereinafter referred to as CJ) has reached its 16th year. At the beginning of 2004, in the Beijing Exhibition Hall, Netease, Sina, Shanda, Sony and other manufacturers opened the first China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference. After 16 years, CJ has already become one of the top four international game shows, and the number of exhibitors far exceeds that of the American E3 Exhibition and the Tokyo Game Show.

According to the statistics of CJ organizers, the total number of visitors to the exhibition for the four days of this year reached 364,700, which was higher than last year's 354,500, a record high. Among them, the number of visitors on a single day on August 3 was 13.4 million, which was a new record compared with the 13.3 million single-day visitors last year.

On the other hand, the number of exhibitors is decreasing. From the data and live experience of the CJ organizers, the B to C exhibition area has not changed much, but in the B to B exhibition area where a lot of exhibitors are gathered, the number of venues has decreased from four venues last year to three, and exhibitors have also reduced from 600+ to 500+. The total number of exhibitors in all 15 pavilions decreased from nearly 1,000 last year to 800+ announced this year.

After the rectification in 2015, there are many voices that are not optimistic about CJ every year, but it is undeniable that the number of CJ audience is increasing every year, and the tickets for the exhibition are getting more and more popular. Last year, the audience could still buy tickets at the scene. This year, the tickets were sold out very early before the opening of the exhibition. Many of the exhibitors’ external staff haven’t bought tickets. There were also many scalpers at the entrance of the venue.