The rapid development and dilemma of children's programming education

AlphaGo defeated Ke Jie and Lee Sedol, Toutiao, Meituan, DiDi and other Internet platforms, using algorithms to accurately match content and services with a large number of users. All these achievements are inseparable from programming. Bill Gates, Jobs, Zuckerberg and former US President Barack Obama are all advocates of programming education. "One of our biggest development opportunities in education is to teach more children to learn programming." In the future of the United States, we need children to master these skills."

With the increasing popularity of big data, algorithms, AI, etc., the children's programming education institutions for cultivating young people's programming thinking have emerged. The heat of capital has promoted a round of financing and enrollment booms. Concerns and scrutiny have followed, and practitioners and parents who are among them are also facing more choices and thinking.

What are the concerns about children programming education? How should parents and education institutions deal with it?

Rapid development and invisible concerns exist together