After the capital winter, what happened to the Internet recruitment?

Since China’s capital winter hit this year, a large number of companies have been recruiting while laying off employees. The Internet recruitment platform has once again attracted people’s attention, such as Boss Zhipin, and so on. Unlike previous headhunters looking for people, people now have more channels to find work and are more proactive. However, there are still a lot of problems in the Internet recruitment process, such as false recruitment, job matching and so on.

The Internet recruitment platform has not only achieved rapid development in this year's capital winter, but also has two major development trends. One is the rise of mobile Internet, which is different from traditional Internet recruitment. One is the gradual stratification of Internet recruitment.

With the expansion of the requirements for matching talents, the education level and work experience of job seekers have become one of the criteria for measuring whether job seekers meet the position of the company. With the refined development of recruitment, such standards will continue to be strict.

The capital winter may be a challenge for job seekers, but it is a major development opportunity for the Internet recruitment platform. For many years, the recruitment platform has limited revenue and is difficult to make profit.