Open stores like Apple------OPPO and VIVO are moving towards from township street shop to the shopping center

Jun 11, 2019 OPPO vivo Xiaomi

On June 2nd, Honor opened a self-operated theme store in Chengdu CBD------Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu. The large shops mixed up with cafes, entertainment areas and Honor products, with MOSCHINO co-branded products displaying in the hall. The large space in the store is empty, showing a clear sense of high quality in Taikoo, where the rent is very expensive.

Three months ago, Vivo opened the first concept store VivoLab in Shenzhen, a two-storey shop with an area of 893 square meters, designed as a spaceship. According to the data on the office rental network, the average rent per square meter in this location is 250 yuan per month, and this store does not have a sales performance KPI assessment, "experience" and "sharing" are the first things in this store while the sale has become the second.

In the past two years, shopping malls have become a place where manufacturers are competing to enter, and the size of flagship stores is growing, with most stores exceeding 500 square meters.

The big change of mobile phone super store moving to the shopping mall (shopping center) is coping from the first Apple Store landing in The United States in May 2001.