<Editor's Pick>Using “Live+social", how does MICO build the “overseas version of Momo”?

May 29, 2019

Many people still remember the battle of the domestic 1000 live broadcast platforms in 2016. At that time, short videos called themselves the graphics of the next generation, and live broadcasting has become a hot Internet venture. When the track continues to have players entering the game, whether it is the tightening of the regulatory policy, the disappearance of the traffic dividend, and the limitations of the pure live mode, most players fail to advance from the denominator to the molecular position.

Some start-ups have failed, some players have started their businesses again, and some have looked at the international market and implanted mobile social and live broadcast products overseas by looking for the intergenerational differences in the mobile Internet. The global open social platform

MICO, which is known as the overseas version of Momo and Tinder, is the most typical example. MICO WORLD, the main product is MICO, the main users are overseas, and the MICO is positioned as a global open social platform. MICO has accumulated 150 million users worldwide in the past five years, covering more than 200 countries (regions), mainly India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the United States and other regions, with local offices in 12 regions around the world.

It is not only one of the earliest overseas-developing companies in China, but also decisively integrates strangers' social and live broadcasts in 2016. Completed the localization breakthrough in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, India and other regions, and achieved large-scale profit in May 2018.