Why all the AI companies are turning to make chips?

Recently, YITU Technology, one of the four major computer vision companies, announced the launch of its cloud AI chip QuestCore (request), which has once again attracted the attention of the chip industry.

Following the intaroduction of self-developed chips by voice technology companies, computer vision companies have also begun to release AI chips. Although the chip industry is a high-input, high-risk, slow-return industry, there are comprehensive barriers to technology, talent, experience, and capital, but this still does not stop AI startups from enthusiasm in the industry.

Occupied new opportunities

From computers, mobile phones, tablets, wristbands, etc., the annual compound growth rate of industrial, automotive, home, and networking equipment is expected to reach 23.1% between 2014 and 2020, and by 2020, the number of IoT devices will reach 50.1 billion. "Every device has a chip, one chip sells ten dollars that is the market of 500 billion, and sells one hundred yuan is the market of five trillion, not to mention the industrial linkage benefits brought by these chips. So this is one of the reasons why industry, capital, and technology personnel are so interested in this matter. "Unisound co-founder and vice president Li Hanhan explained the AI chip boom.