The app matrix of "Chinese Netflix" iQiyi in the paid content era

May 14, 2019 IQIYI ZhiHu

"Since this year, iQiyi is no longer a super app with other apps, and now it has to become a matrix." In the eyes of iQiyi founder Gong Yu, with the disappearance of the traffic advantages, and the iQiyi ecology has become more and more abundant, the strategy has to be appropriately changed. "The era of vigorous market occupation has passed, and every gap must be contested to continue to grow."

In fact, we have noticed that iQiyi has been launching independent apps in the past two years, including iQiyi reading client, iQiyi children's client, iQiyi animation client, iQiyi short video group client, etc.

At this year's iQiyi World Conference, iQiyi released a knowledge-independent app and released the "Starry Sky" project. Some people exclaimed: iQiyi has to enter the field of knowledge payment. However, this is only a natural evolution of the iQiyi ecology.

Paid content with iQiyi characteristics