The dilemma faced by Richard Liu and his

Although it is spring, the atmosphere at's Yizhuang headquarters is still particularly cold.

First, the departure of the three executives, followed by the cancellation of the courier's basic salary, and now the foreign media has exposed the news of the JD’s plan of big layoffs. In the early morning of April 10, The Information cited Investors news that JD is considering a new round of large-scale layoffs, with a layoff ratio of up to 8%, equivalent to more than 12,000 of the 150,000 employees would being laid off, and some teams may even lay off half staffs. Bloomberg subsequently followed up and reported that for the affected campus employment, JD is prepared not to go through the previous contract, and only gave 5,000 yuan in compensation.

In this regard, JD said that the news of mass layoffs is a rumor, this year will also expand the recruitment of 15,000 jobs.

“The ratio of 8% is not high. At the end of last year, 10% of employees were laid off.” A JD employee revealed to AI Finance that the restructuring at the end of last year required certain functional departments also need to test the performance, and 10% of the employees at the end of the score will be eliminated.