Chinese e-commerce challenger Pinduoduo's vison on 'distributed artificial intelligence'

Feb 12, 2019 PinDuoDuo

Since 2018, "the application of technology" has become a hot topic in the field of artificial intelligence.

In many application scenarios, e-commerce platforms have consumption data of different groups, regions and dimensions, which is one of the mainstream scenarios in which AI can play a role. From search-based shopping site, efficient shopping site to windowsshopping-style site , consumers' spending habits are changing, and social-based applications are becoming more important. In the era of 'new consumption', how can e-commerce platforms use AI to effectively implement technology empowerment?

At the 2019 Geek Park Innovation Conference, Pinduoduo CTO Chen Lei mentioned "distributed artificial intelligence". Traditional Internet platforms use "centralized AI", which aggregates all data and finds a certain pattern from the data through algorithms to serve individual consumers. However, this approach faces some difficulties, such as the lack of control over data and the lack of clarity in data ownership issues.

With distributed AI technology, public data can be made available to all users, and the algorithm becomes more open source and can be supervised by all users. This is equivalent to having a dedicated intelligent agent for each individual user. The decision control logic of the entire data will be reconstructed. Chen Lei said that in the future, cloud computing will become a public utility department like hydropower coal, which will enable users to regain control of decision-making.