The Pinduoduo revolution: how a young social e-commerce paltform fast become Alibaba's most dangerous new rival

Jan 08, 2019 PinDuoDuo

This is an AI-translated article produced by GeekPark. The author is Zhang Peng, the founder of HoloBase's parent company  GeekPark.

Some time ago, the controversy caused by Pinduoduo,  the social commerce company which became China's No. 3 e-commerce firm within three years, was extremely huge.My friends' comments on it are basically divided into two categories: Someone think that Pinduoduo is unacceptable, not only in the use of inferior products to harm consumers, but also harm the interests of some brands; Others believes that the people who questioned Pinduoduo are ignorant of the actual situation of Chinese society. There are still many low-income people in China. Before Pinduoduo comes out, they have already bought things in township markets and small supermarkets in rural areas. Now, they buy things on Pinduoduo, which is no different from previous purchases, and may even get some discounts.

These tit-for-tat views are particularly like the tearing of the American society after Trump was elected president. Some firmly supported him and the other strongly opposed him. These controversies faced by Pinduoduo have rarely occurred in China's technology business field in the past, and it is a very interesting phenomenon.

However, hot news are always short-lived, and fresh technology news are constantly emerging. No matter how intense the reaction of Pinduoduo people had before, it should be relatively calm now. I chose to talk about Pinduoduo at this time. Maybe everyone is more patient to see some really valuable things behind it, and these things were easily overlooked in the emotional debate.