Chinese Tesla rival NIO's CEO Li Bin: I am not Elon Musk

Sep 29, 2018 NIO

A week before the press conference, Li Bin rehearsed his speech transcript almost every night until one o'clock in the night. Compared with the rising mood at that time, Li Bin was not so happy after the conference.

On a congested Saturday, the temperature in Beijing approached zero. Tens of thousands of spectators from all over the country left the Wukesong Stadium. They discussed the NIO ES8 electric car just released and heatedly debated the service system released by NIO.

Li Bin was standing here, and it is inevitable to be nervous. Today, he finally showed the results of his three years of entrepreneurship to everyone, showing the "ultimate skill" of the service and unveiling the final answer of the NIO ES8.

A series of exposures such as price, power-up service system, configuration details, after-sales system, etc., did not satisfy people's appetite. "There is no preparation for the long tail propagation," said Zhu Jiang, vice president of user development at NIO. "There may not be enough "ammunition" delivered to the NIO Center offline, and it will not be able to withstand everyone's doubts."