How should the listed Xiaomi be defined, and what has Xiaomi defined for the past eight years?

Sep 29, 2018 Xiaomi

At Xiaomi's listing ceremony at the Hong Kong stock exchange, standing next to the huge gong with Lei Jun is not a Xiaomi executive, but Hong Jun, a representative of "Mi fans", with other Xiaomi executives and guests are on both sides. When the buzzing sounded, people applauded and celebrated, only Hong Jun pinched his fist and raised his arms.

On the evening of the previous day, Xiaomi hanged a huge "Thank You" in the landmark buildings of major Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. The flashing bright red words pointed to the heart of each "Mi fan".

At the same time, on the shores of Victoria Bay, "Xiaomi' IPO" became a hot topic in Hong Kong. The guests invited by Xiaomi kept on shuttle between the various cocktail parties and banquets.

In addition to those guests, more than 200 Xiaomi employees, who all have core business positions in Xiaomi and eco-chain companies, came along with Lei Jun. When Lei Jun sounded the bronze plaque of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange at 9:30 this morning, these people all became billionaires. They no longer have to worry about wealth, but no one is excited for the rapid arrival of money, no one will choose to retire tomorrow, and Xiaomi, the company belongs to them, is just on the road.