TikTok owner ByteDance continues its aggressive push in gaming with plans for 1,000 new hires in the coming year, targeting university students

Sep 16, 2020 2:55 am

TikTok maker ByteDance is once again looking to level up in gaming, listing close to 1,000 new gaming jobs in the coming year. The new recruitment drive continues ByteDance’s aggressive push into gaming, but analysts say the company’s gaming division is still too small to take on Chinese gaming giants Tencent and NetEase.

According to a new recruitment advertisement released on Monday, which targets university students, ByteDance is looking to fill 700 business-related positions and more than 200 technical positions with its growing gaming arm. The jobs will mainly fall under the company’s marquee gaming studio Zhaoxi Guangnian Information Technology, which has offices spread across Beijing, Hangzhou and Shanghai.

ByteDance’s moves to boost its gaming clout in recent months have been interpreted as the company looking to follow in Tencent Holdings’ footsteps by inducing millions of social media users to become paying gamers.


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